trading in timaru


It comes as no surprise that I was the purchaser never the seller!

This baby came home with me

dscf0335it’s my Majacraft tensioned lazy kate

bought from the Majacraft stand – here they are;

dscf0334they really are such lovely people and they had a sign up advertising a tour they are running to Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.  I’d so go to India with them!  Luckily though I’ve already travelled to that region and seen such wonderful handicrafts there.  So if you are thinking about going, contact them for details – it would just be triple incredible to go with other craft people.  I also stocked up on spare bobbins for my suzy pro – very sensible aren’t I?

Now this chick is a legend, the one in the pink top

dscf0332that there is vintage purl she looks much younger than her 80 years doesn’t she?  But speaking of legends, the woman on the left is none other than Margaret Stove the legendary lace knitter and author, she’s obviously stocking up on Morags beautifully dyed lace weight yarn.  I personally stocked up on items as well… so at least I have something in common with Margaret Stove..

Now as for this cheeky looking chick,

dscf0338this is Michelle from needlefood, Michelle it sure was great to freak you out with my stalker-ish ways!  Of course I had to buy some of her yarn as well.. it wasn’t easy to resist at all.

I’ve been a long time fan of Touch Yarns and I finally got to meet Marnie the amazing yarn lady here;

dscf0342Isn’t she fab?  I want to be her when I grow up…  In the meantime I’ll just fondle her yarn.. I was restrained at her stall and only bought some yarn, a pattern and some needles.. they were all for a gift to entice my friend Robyn over to the knitting side.  It’s not that I didn’t want to buy myself a shit load of yarn from her, but I just kept breaking into a stalkery nasty sweat at the thought of having to choose…  my lame-ass excuse was that I’m spinning all my own yarn now and don’t really need any more stash ::snort:: Marnie, if you ever read this, I was lying, the reason I didn’t buy any yarn was because I just couldn’t choose and was afraid of embarrasing myself when the credit card declined the $40000.00 worth of yarn I wanted! sorry…

oh oh oh, this photo is one of my fav’s

ravmeetupit’s our own little ravelry meetup!

Most awesome!


home again



I’m home, I’m exhausted and I’m just thrilled at having had a very awesome four days away.  Today was shared with my lovely friend Robyn in Christchurch doing fun touristy things which I will share later on.

But if like me you have been living under a rock lately, or perhaps in Timaru ;-), watch this for a moment of absolute magic.  Susan Boyle on Britains got talent and if that doesn’t make you happy, try this

Happy times!




dscf0347The jacket and hat won another award – the alpaca award in the Creative fibre fashion parade.  This competition was judged by Susan Scarf who has worked in the fashion industry both in NZ and overseas for quite some time.

Just to refresh your memory, Jenny (pacanut on ravelry) wove the fabric, from mill spun yarn from her own alpacas, on an 8 shaft loom using a pattern found on weavezine.  The design and pattern was her own which she first trialled on a prototype with a lot of input from us at guild.

Once the pattern was cut I was then able to use the offcuts.  You may remember the base of my hat was from blocked buckram, lined with silk and then covered with the alpaca offcuts, all handstitched into place. The final decoration was decided to be two simple pheasant feathers.

I was so pleased to be able to support Jenny by designing a suitable accessory to her wonderful jacket, and I’m incredibly thrilled that this collaboration paid off!

With regards to the whole festival experience… well, it really has been an incredible fun filled, inspirational and educational four days, of which I will be filling you in on over the next few days.

But for now, I leave you with an image from the closing ceremony held tonight…


It’s all go in Timaru….

dscf0180No, you haven’t accidentally arrived at the the Pioneers Woman’s blog!   I’m sure I mentioned below about the Royal Easter show, well the first event I stumbled upon was the prize winning cow presentation,  and Her up there is the Royal cow.  Yes it’s the Queen’s cow and she won the champion cow prize (possibly the bovine equivalent of Miss New Zealand) which apparently is impressive for her age of about 14…  She’s looking good for a 14 year old cow,  I wonder what being a 14 year old cow is in human years? All the cow people were impressed with her being so old, so I suspect it’s well, impressively old..

This honey was the second prize winner…


god that glint in her eye!  It’s like she’s planning on slipping Queenie some dodgy feed with the hope of wearing the crown some day…

Oh who’s this?

dscf0184Isn’t he/she just too cute?  Now I did learn something fascination about alpacas, are you ready to learn something?  Well, I learned that the lady alpacas sit down for sex!  I don’t know why that impresses me so much, but it does.  Apparently it’s not because it’s easier for the male either, in fact sometimes it can be awkward for them and they topple over during coitus!


Anyway, here are some well behaved alpacas who aren’t sitting down right now

dscf0187But here is how I like my alpaca best

alpaca-fleeceready to roll around in.. or at least spin.  Unfortunately we couldn’t do that there on the day…

To be honest, that was the highlight of the easter show.  I was really expecting it to be more like the A&P (agricultural and pastoral) with craft displays, baking competitions, highland dancing and such.   There was at least a lumberjack show, it was well put together if somewhat staged – again I was pining for the nostaligia of burly men in white pants and singlets competing against each other with their excellent wood chopping skills!

Ah well, those were the days!



Easter that is, all over and done with for another year.  Actually apart from it being a 4 day weekend and the herald of autumn, it really isn’t a big thing for us.  I don’t even bother making hot cross buns but am happy enough to buy the stodgy supermarket ones!  Me who loves bread baking!  Unbelievable I know…

At least I did do a couple of things I wanted to,  the Easter show was one, and finishing my cable love jacket was the other.  I’m going to just tease you with the words for both at the moment, mean I know, I’ve run out of the weekend and left no time for doing a proper blog post.

I hope to remedy that soon and hopefully this week because this coming weekend I’m going away!!!  I know, away!!!   on a plane, by myself, for fun! From Thursday night through to Monday morning!  By myself!!  To do something fun and frivolous!!  No family commitments!!!

(when I calm down, I’ll tell you – it can’t be the chocolate, I only had one egg yesterday)




Don’t you just love the way cats hide like 2 year olds?  You know,  if they can’t see you they must be invisible!  Many times we’ve found Honey with her head under the bbq cover with her big bushy tail giving her away, but this time she found “invisibility” in the bushes!


There are many things I love about this cat, like, how before her I didn’t really like pets or cats but she snuffled her way into my black shrivelled little heart.  Or how she isn’t a meow-meowy cat – she only talks when necessary, usually about 4am – and just looks enigmatic the rest of time.

But the most loveable thing about Honey is how much my great big galooping 6’2″ tall 16 year old son loves her.   He smooches her, cuddles her, sweet talks to her, lays honey-traps outside his door so she chooses to sleep at his feet instead of ours.  And as a result of  our shared love of honeycat we always have a nice safe common ground of conversation.  We often just share anecdotes of what honey has been up to, or if things have been fraught as they can sometimes be there is nothing like a good honeycat story to open up the lines of communication again.

But perhaps the most reassuring thing about all this is, no matter how galoomping and sweary and cursy and stroppy he might be sometimes, a mum can only be reassured by his ability to show unrestrained love and affection for his cat.  Surely that is the more telling of the man he is becoming more than his rude stroppy frustrated occasional outbursts?  Isn’t it?  Tell me it is??

Oh look!  Honey can see me, which means I can now see her!


grannys grannys


dscf0171oh look, I’ve been bitten by the crochet bug.

It’s all quite experimental at the moment, I started them after being struck speechless by attic24 beautiful blog full of crochet.  Her ripple blanket is really what I want to do but I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet.  The granny squares are a nice quick hit of something cheerful, a kind of quick burst of unfaithfulness away from my main projects, an injection of frivolous colour to brighten the early darkening evenings.

This week is the first week of the clocks being turned back, that adjusment week where you wake a little earlier each day than usual, a bit tired in the evenings and a bit disorientated with the early darkness.  Darkness is well settled by the time I think of taking photos for the blog!

Now it’s time for bed, honeycat has already positioned herself in the middle and is wondering where my woollen shawl is for her to knead, my cup of tea is balanced precariously on the overflowing bedside cabinet nearly at the perfectly tepid temperature I like to drink it, and my yawns are getting louder and eyes droopier.

until next time lovely one or two readers