dscf0328This photo was supposed to have had a shallow depth of field, according to my aperture and speed settings.  Obviously something went wrong, of course I blame the camera!  It’s a fujipix something or other and there are manual setting for aperture and speed but it obviously doesn’t give the same control as an SLR.


Now this photo’s depth of field was nice and shallow, but i had to use the macro setting to get the effect. Obviously not a suitable solution for many situations.

My other main frustration with this camera is the time lapse between being able to take sequential photos, there is a delay of about 4 seconds at least between shots.  Again fine if you are just wanting to take snapshots of people standing still, but sucks for anything action based like below



These shots were consecutive and as you can see a lot of action was missed.  I was aiming for non blurry too, but I do like the end result of these showing all the movement and action.

I could probably manage with the limitations of this camera, but my son is doing photography this year and I only just found out that this term will be digital.  I was hoping the fujipix would work, but after this playing around, I’m afraid I’m going to have to stump up for an SLR.

So I’ve been doing my research and because I have previously had Canon EOS’s back when I dabbled in film photography, I will probably go for an EOS 1000D.   A good solid entry level SLR, which is all I think I need, and pretty much all I can afford.  Just need to sort out the money this week and see how I go.

Here ends my justification!

toodle pip!


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