things to ponder


So anyway, when I booked my hotel for Timaru I just let my google do the walking and found what looked to be a gorgeous renovated old style pub/hotel.  I got half right.  The old pub/hotel half.  It wasn’t bad and they are in the process of renovating, the rooms were clean, comfortable, safe and cheap, so really not bad at all.

But there was one thing which left me wondering…


a wall mounted bottle opener right next to the loo….


I guess those southern men need their creature comforts…


5 Responses to “things to ponder”

  1. Shelagh C. in Houston Says:

    I think that’s a pretty logical place and have seen it in a lot of American hotels. When people have filled up their ice buckets from the machine, the bathroom counter is the sensible place to put it.

    How’s the reader count today?

    • gengetscrafty Says:

      He he, don’t think this hotel is likely to have an ice machine 😉 in fact not many in NZ do… I just thought it must be for the weak in bladder, drink and pee at the same time..
      beat my record by 1 reader! yay!

  2. Jussi Says:

    mans gotta do what a mans gotta do

  3. Laurel Says:

    I’ve seen those in older hotels and it cracks me up. I always think it’s for people trying to get to steady state… as much coming in as going out.

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