trading in timaru


It comes as no surprise that I was the purchaser never the seller!

This baby came home with me

dscf0335it’s my Majacraft tensioned lazy kate

bought from the Majacraft stand – here they are;

dscf0334they really are such lovely people and they had a sign up advertising a tour they are running to Rajasthan and Gujarat in India.  I’d so go to India with them!  Luckily though I’ve already travelled to that region and seen such wonderful handicrafts there.  So if you are thinking about going, contact them for details – it would just be triple incredible to go with other craft people.  I also stocked up on spare bobbins for my suzy pro – very sensible aren’t I?

Now this chick is a legend, the one in the pink top

dscf0332that there is vintage purl she looks much younger than her 80 years doesn’t she?  But speaking of legends, the woman on the left is none other than Margaret Stove the legendary lace knitter and author, she’s obviously stocking up on Morags beautifully dyed lace weight yarn.  I personally stocked up on items as well… so at least I have something in common with Margaret Stove..

Now as for this cheeky looking chick,

dscf0338this is Michelle from needlefood, Michelle it sure was great to freak you out with my stalker-ish ways!  Of course I had to buy some of her yarn as well.. it wasn’t easy to resist at all.

I’ve been a long time fan of Touch Yarns and I finally got to meet Marnie the amazing yarn lady here;

dscf0342Isn’t she fab?  I want to be her when I grow up…  In the meantime I’ll just fondle her yarn.. I was restrained at her stall and only bought some yarn, a pattern and some needles.. they were all for a gift to entice my friend Robyn over to the knitting side.  It’s not that I didn’t want to buy myself a shit load of yarn from her, but I just kept breaking into a stalkery nasty sweat at the thought of having to choose…  my lame-ass excuse was that I’m spinning all my own yarn now and don’t really need any more stash ::snort:: Marnie, if you ever read this, I was lying, the reason I didn’t buy any yarn was because I just couldn’t choose and was afraid of embarrasing myself when the credit card declined the $40000.00 worth of yarn I wanted! sorry…

oh oh oh, this photo is one of my fav’s

ravmeetupit’s our own little ravelry meetup!

Most awesome!


7 Responses to “trading in timaru”

  1. lucyvanp Says:

    Ooh, you met the brains and hands behind Touch Yarns! I, a Northern Hemisphere fan of said yarns, am v impressed!

    • gengetscrafty Says:

      she really is awesome and just how I imagined she was. Her yarns are so amazing aren’t they?

  2. Shelagh C. in Houston Says:

    See, here I am! cambychron

  3. KathyR Says:

    You’ll love your tensioned kate – I know I do. Except that I found today that it doesn’t fit the jumbo bobbin. Sigh. Glad you had a great time – good to finally put a face to the name!

    • gengetscrafty Says:

      thanks! tried it out tonight and you are right, I love the kate! although the whanau are a bit mystified who kate is and why she is lazy

  4. Oh I want a do-over on my picture! I’m not sure I even recall you taking it, I was pretty wiped out by day three. Next time, tell me not to be leaning over with my hair in my face. 🙂

    I got the same tensioned kate as you – I love it, the best I’ve used.

    Great to meet you!

    • gengetscrafty Says:

      oh but you are gorgeous! No do-over needed. Although I agree, you were pretty munted 😉

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