dscf0347The jacket and hat won another award – the alpaca award in the Creative fibre fashion parade.  This competition was judged by Susan Scarf who has worked in the fashion industry both in NZ and overseas for quite some time.

Just to refresh your memory, Jenny (pacanut on ravelry) wove the fabric, from mill spun yarn from her own alpacas, on an 8 shaft loom using a pattern found on weavezine.  The design and pattern was her own which she first trialled on a prototype with a lot of input from us at guild.

Once the pattern was cut I was then able to use the offcuts.  You may remember the base of my hat was from blocked buckram, lined with silk and then covered with the alpaca offcuts, all handstitched into place. The final decoration was decided to be two simple pheasant feathers.

I was so pleased to be able to support Jenny by designing a suitable accessory to her wonderful jacket, and I’m incredibly thrilled that this collaboration paid off!

With regards to the whole festival experience… well, it really has been an incredible fun filled, inspirational and educational four days, of which I will be filling you in on over the next few days.

But for now, I leave you with an image from the closing ceremony held tonight…


It’s all go in Timaru….


4 Responses to “Winner!”

  1. NeedleFood Says:

    That last image… there’s a story there. I can tell!

  2. Catherynne Says:

    Ye. Gods. I do not want to know… But congrats on the garment win!!

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