anybody would think it’s pioneer woman!


dscf0180No, you haven’t accidentally arrived at the the Pioneers Woman’s blog!   I’m sure I mentioned below about the Royal Easter show, well the first event I stumbled upon was the prize winning cow presentation,  and Her up there is the Royal cow.  Yes it’s the Queen’s cow and she won the champion cow prize (possibly the bovine equivalent of Miss New Zealand) which apparently is impressive for her age of about 14…  She’s looking good for a 14 year old cow,  I wonder what being a 14 year old cow is in human years? All the cow people were impressed with her being so old, so I suspect it’s well, impressively old..

This honey was the second prize winner…


god that glint in her eye!  It’s like she’s planning on slipping Queenie some dodgy feed with the hope of wearing the crown some day…

Oh who’s this?

dscf0184Isn’t he/she just too cute?  Now I did learn something fascination about alpacas, are you ready to learn something?  Well, I learned that the lady alpacas sit down for sex!  I don’t know why that impresses me so much, but it does.  Apparently it’s not because it’s easier for the male either, in fact sometimes it can be awkward for them and they topple over during coitus!


Anyway, here are some well behaved alpacas who aren’t sitting down right now

dscf0187But here is how I like my alpaca best

alpaca-fleeceready to roll around in.. or at least spin.  Unfortunately we couldn’t do that there on the day…

To be honest, that was the highlight of the easter show.  I was really expecting it to be more like the A&P (agricultural and pastoral) with craft displays, baking competitions, highland dancing and such.   There was at least a lumberjack show, it was well put together if somewhat staged – again I was pining for the nostaligia of burly men in white pants and singlets competing against each other with their excellent wood chopping skills!

Ah well, those were the days!


One Response to “anybody would think it’s pioneer woman!”

  1. Catherynne Says:

    Bugger. If I’d known the Easter Show was going to have this sort of stuff, I’dve gone. Oh well, I shall just have to get my act together for next year… as I doubt my passion for all things fibre will have subsided!

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