Easter that is, all over and done with for another year.  Actually apart from it being a 4 day weekend and the herald of autumn, it really isn’t a big thing for us.  I don’t even bother making hot cross buns but am happy enough to buy the stodgy supermarket ones!  Me who loves bread baking!  Unbelievable I know…

At least I did do a couple of things I wanted to,  the Easter show was one, and finishing my cable love jacket was the other.  I’m going to just tease you with the words for both at the moment, mean I know, I’ve run out of the weekend and left no time for doing a proper blog post.

I hope to remedy that soon and hopefully this week because this coming weekend I’m going away!!!  I know, away!!!   on a plane, by myself, for fun! From Thursday night through to Monday morning!  By myself!!  To do something fun and frivolous!!  No family commitments!!!

(when I calm down, I’ll tell you – it can’t be the chocolate, I only had one egg yesterday)


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