Don’t you just love the way cats hide like 2 year olds?  You know,  if they can’t see you they must be invisible!  Many times we’ve found Honey with her head under the bbq cover with her big bushy tail giving her away, but this time she found “invisibility” in the bushes!


There are many things I love about this cat, like, how before her I didn’t really like pets or cats but she snuffled her way into my black shrivelled little heart.  Or how she isn’t a meow-meowy cat – she only talks when necessary, usually about 4am – and just looks enigmatic the rest of time.

But the most loveable thing about Honey is how much my great big galooping 6’2″ tall 16 year old son loves her.   He smooches her, cuddles her, sweet talks to her, lays honey-traps outside his door so she chooses to sleep at his feet instead of ours.  And as a result of  our shared love of honeycat we always have a nice safe common ground of conversation.  We often just share anecdotes of what honey has been up to, or if things have been fraught as they can sometimes be there is nothing like a good honeycat story to open up the lines of communication again.

But perhaps the most reassuring thing about all this is, no matter how galoomping and sweary and cursy and stroppy he might be sometimes, a mum can only be reassured by his ability to show unrestrained love and affection for his cat.  Surely that is the more telling of the man he is becoming more than his rude stroppy frustrated occasional outbursts?  Isn’t it?  Tell me it is??

Oh look!  Honey can see me, which means I can now see her!



One Response to “camouflage”

  1. Catherynne Says:

    Awww… that’s SO sweet!! 😀

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