grannys grannys


dscf0171oh look, I’ve been bitten by the crochet bug.

It’s all quite experimental at the moment, I started them after being struck speechless by attic24 beautiful blog full of crochet.  Her ripple blanket is really what I want to do but I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet.  The granny squares are a nice quick hit of something cheerful, a kind of quick burst of unfaithfulness away from my main projects, an injection of frivolous colour to brighten the early darkening evenings.

This week is the first week of the clocks being turned back, that adjusment week where you wake a little earlier each day than usual, a bit tired in the evenings and a bit disorientated with the early darkness.  Darkness is well settled by the time I think of taking photos for the blog!

Now it’s time for bed, honeycat has already positioned herself in the middle and is wondering where my woollen shawl is for her to knead, my cup of tea is balanced precariously on the overflowing bedside cabinet nearly at the perfectly tepid temperature I like to drink it, and my yawns are getting louder and eyes droopier.

until next time lovely one or two readers


2 Responses to “grannys grannys”

  1. froghair Says:

    What yarn is that in the granny squares? I quite like your mix of colors. Well done!

    • gengetscrafty Says:

      hi there!
      The yarn is Ashford Tekapo from New Zealand. It’s an 8 ply (worsted weight) yarn and has some lovely colours!

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