dscf0165haha don’t you just love the lack of styling in the photo!

I’ve been knitting furiously away on my cable love jacket, I’d like to have it completed soon for wearing.  It has been a lovely knit so far, although I admit the band seemed to take as long as the rest of the jumper!  I have a few inches to go on the bottom, then the sleeves and finally the front band.  I promise, next time you see this it will be styled much nicer.  Oh and don’t worry, the bands do meet at the front 😉

I’ve been spinning as well, here is proof

dscf0161that’s 180gm of glacier white alpaca and 120 gm of natural black alpaca.  The glacier white is a creamy white with a blueish tinge to it, you know in the way of wall paint, how you have a million different whites with a blue tint or a green tint, not obvious nor visible but well, tinted….

This fibre was beautiful to spin, and really suits my spinning style, which is to pedal so fast as if I’m generating electricity… Alpaca does need a high twist and I certainly achieved this!  Fortunately I also plied it to suit and it finished being almost balanced and once washed quite balanced – whew… 

I’m not sure of the meterage or wpi yet – I’ve been to busy admiring it – I was even quizzed at guild last night about the meterages and I’m pleased to report there were two distinct camps of people, those who were horrified I hadn’t measured it and those who laughed and reassured me in all there time of spinning they hardly ever measure either!   It even has a destiny, a hat for my daughter, one of those ear flap hats as requested.  Which is another reason I didn’t bother measuring, I can tell I have enough yarn for my project.   Good enough excuse?

So there you go!  Some crafting has happened!


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