autumn light



I’m by nature a pessimist, to look for the good in things isn’t my first natural instinct, I’ve had to develop that ability by practice.  It’s taken a long time and sometimes it seems as if I have to be constantly on guard against my natural Eyeore!

I’ve been quite pessimistic about the onset of autumn, it is the prelude to winter after all, and there is nothing enjoyable about an Auckland winter.  It is grey, rainy, damp and nasty, the dampness which gets into your bones even overrides any joy you may have from being able to wear hand knits! It doesn’t help that I love summer, as soon as the first chill gets in the air I’m all about hating on winter…

My wake up call about this negative attitude came the other day on my way home from work.  I’m quite lucky my commute takes me through the Auckland Domain, home to our museum – much nicer than a motorway, I look up every time as I’m sitting in the queue and have this lovely view of the top left corner of the museum framed through park and trees and it makes my little shrivelled blackened pessimistic heart just a little warmer!  It epitomises how in the middle of our ordinary lives the extraordinary can exist.  I love how it looks like an ancient ruin rising from the earth, or how it makes me feel I’ve stumbled onto a hidden building.  For some lucky reason I had the camera and snapped my view, and I also saw just how lovely an Auckland autumn can be and that I need to enjoy it more.

Well I should, because winter and spring suck!


2 Responses to “autumn light”

  1. Great shot of the museum – definately a nicer veiw than the motorway!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I can see the museum from my window – love the way it seems to loom (with power and grace) above much of the city. It’s cool at night, too, when the lights are on. 🙂

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