catch up


well well, hello there!  I thought I’d pop in and say gidday, make the most of the extra hour due to daylight savings ending and all that.

Lets see, where do I start….

Last weekend maybe?  Oh last weekend was a doozy, there was high drama in the form of teenage daughter flouncing, so it was a relief to have somewhere to go just for me on Sunday morning.  I took myself off the the Home Show where the Creative Fibre Guild had a stall highlighting our craft, with the pinnacle being the fashion parade.  My group, Red Hill spinners, had entered a group effort with my input being the hat.

dscf0158you may remember it’s first stage here, the next stages involved edging with millinery wire, lining the hat with silk and finally covering the hat with the offcuts from the jacket.  Doesn’t Sarah’s gorgeous golden hair set it off nicely?

dscf0148Jennie Ellwood-wade is the creator of this magnificent garment, ooh here she is below..dscf0137the alpaca fibre was from her own animals which she had processed and spun by a small mill, she then wove the fabric on an 8 shaft loom – both the houndstoothy black and white and the black.  The fabric is just beautiful, soft and fine, a real pleasure to work with.  Not only did she do all that, she also designed, drafted the pattern and tailored the jacket!  Well done Jennie.  It was a well deserved win!

In my post below I bleated on about a childs vest I made, well here it is.

dscf0147Isn’t the model great!  This little boy with his long surfer-y hair was a perfect match for the simple styling of the vest.

So today is sunday, a beautiful autumn day, sun is shining, birds are tweeting and I have the possibility of a craft day lying ahead.  I used all of yesterday on my second job, working like a slave! (tiny violin time) with the promise to myself of having a craft day today.  But to be honest, I don’t really feel like it at the moment…  I’ve got the urge to get out and about, maybe check out what’s new at the library, ooh the possibilities!


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