I’m in time out, self imposed time out.  The others have taken shelter in the living room cowering in fear that I will leave the bedroom to make foot stompy demands like “why can’t someone do the dishes” “why can’t someone make me tea”.  I think it’s because “someone” is too busy doing other things like moving all my sons belongings to a parrallel dimension.  This was a grumpy discussion held earlier “mum. where’s my calculator” “I don’t know, where did you last have it” “on the coffee table, but someone keeps chucking my stuff out” “the only place I move your stuff to is your room” “well it’s not there, someone keeps losing my stuff”  AAARGH, well when you find this someone, tell him I want a up of tea and the dishes done…

(he found his calculator in the garage where he’d left it at the end of last year celebrating giving up maths…)

Oh the grump isn’t terminal, it’s just tiredness related which I’m trying to remedy by going to bed early to read and blog until about my normal bed time…

This past weekend I made the big decision to pay off my credit card this year and that means no new craft supplies until that happens!  Crikey… but never fear, like all good plans there are two exceptions.  The first exception is in April, I’m travelling to the South Island for the Creative Fibre annual festival where there will be traders and because this trip was planned prior to my big high and mighty plans, it is an official exception.  The second exception is I can buy fabric or yarn if it is for specific winter clothing to be made for myself or any member of my family, I don’t have many clothes left from last season and nor do my kids – so this is a very real and practical exception.  So apart from that I will not be purchasing any new craft books, patterns, no magazines of any kind (imagine a high pitched whiny screech about now) no yarn, no fleece, no gadgets… whew… lucky then I have stash!  I’ve got enough fleece to keep me spinning for a few months, and enough yarn to play around with.  Not the world’s biggest stash, or even the worlds most medium stash, but it’s enough.

I’ll also cut down on coffee’s…  (visualise sobbing and cold sweats..) oh and have sworn to buy no new books this year either..

It’s not all doom and gloom, I still can buy one new pair of boots for winter, I’m still going to get my hair done every 10 weeks, I will still buy the odd tune or two on i-tunes.  Total deprivation only causes binges at the end!

Anyhow, if I stick to my plan I will have this paid off in under one year.  I’ve marked off my fortnightly goal balances on outlook at work to keep me focussed.  I really mean it this time, I’ve made two or three lame attempts at it in the past couple of years.  But this is it.

Oh and I also will stop buying vintage shit from Trade me… and I’ll stop filling up my cart on Amazon for when the exchange rate gets better…  oh gosh n darn…

Anyhoo, the lights appear to be going out it the lounge, I guess this means it’s bed time. Sweet dreams everyone!

I hope “someone” has done the dishes…..


2 Responses to “grumpy”

  1. Jenny R Says:

    Good luck with the craft supplies diet Genny! Sounds horrible, but youve left yourself a little leeway so doable!!

  2. sephari Says:

    This post is hilarious. Very cool!

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