Envy and other reasons for naval gazing


I love to read blogs, especially pretty lovely craft blogs like http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/ and http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/ and http://attic24.typepad.com/ aaandd http://angrychicken.typepad.com/ annndd http://posy.typepad.com/ aaanddd ttthhennn, well then I start clicking links from their blogrolls and end up at more insanely gorgeous crafty, flowery, sweet, blogs.  And I start to get envious… and feel inadequate and all those other feelings.  I’m such a horrible envious person… I even torment my real life blogging friends http://www.justjussi.blogspot.com/ for everything she has that I want….

Oh I know, envy is a mirror showing us those things we want for ourselves, and it’s true, I want all those lovely flowery things, I want to be that prolifiic at crafting, but mostly I want that level of artistry and ease intersperesd with my crafting.  But then I know I’ll never be just quite like that, I’ll be my own version of it, and then I think, god, I’ve hardly done any crafting at all this week, and I’m hopeless, and dreadful, and gosh what on earth or who on earth do I think I am…

By this time I’m completely exhausted and done with thinking, and if I’m clever I’ll just either go to sleep, do some work, or just get on with it.

Then occasionally I’ll stop and look around me… and see..

006see the pretty green view from my kitchen (the magnolia has been chopped and there is so much more light) look at my lovely vintage milkshake shakers, the cute blue pottery from a trip to Great Barrier Island and the sugar bowl from a trip to India, while I’m simultaneously

cooking dinner;

007which turns out just fine despite being thrown together using fresh from the freezer sausages in about 20 minutes flat, whilst baking a batch of;

004to take to guild meeting that night, allowing only just enough time to let them cool prior to tinning them up, scrabbling around for the various projects in progress or completed, allowing enough time to briefly look down at my new homemade favourite pants;

005with my new brown leather chucks, enough to bring the smile back to my face! Before I rush out into the Monday night precisely one hour after I walked in the door.

Then I start thinking, again, and this time the thoughts are ok, I remember I work full time, have a second job which keeps me pretty busy at the moment, 3 teenagers to run around after, a house to keep relatively orderly… so the fact I’ve made the above pants, a pair of jammie pants for my daughter, warped a loom, knitted an eighth of a sweater… well you get where i’m going, it’s not all doom and gloom in the house of gen.

I start to feel better!  In the meantime I’ll keep calm and carry on .. and keep reading those inspirational blogs to bring a little flowery sunshine into my days.


One Response to “Envy and other reasons for naval gazing”

  1. Catherynne Says:

    See? You ARE an amazing multi-tasking working mum and crafty whizz! You just have to remind yourself every now and then (like this), otherwise when you start the general wailing and gnashing of teeth, I shall have to smack you with a squooshy skein and remind you myself. So there.

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