So the weekend has been most excellent, although I do have sunday-itis 9.30pm and still haven’t done the washing…
Had friends for dinner last night which of course consumed most of yesterday, cleaning, shopping and cooking. My daughter chose the menu – chicken satay and salad for entree, pork in red wine and coriander with potato mash, and finally for pudding; fresh peaches roasted slowly in desert wine and butter with chantilly cream. mmmm happy happy good food happy friends wine chocolates mmm yummm
which means this morning was a little slow to launch. Finished altering a blouse for my daughter, made an underskirt for myself. Then had sewers slump so took myself off to knit rangers for an uplifting coffee, knit and chat. all good!
Afterwards my daughter and I checked out “Australia” the movie. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought, a great sweeping epic with a bit of humour, a small tear to the eye, a few good costumes and a bit of drama.
None of which was on my to do list…. and everything on my to do list is well… still on the list…

Oh well another week to get these things done


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