stolen meme


Because I’m not cool enough yet to be included in meme’s….  I stole one of another blog!  cue copywrong wank…

The premise is you have to fill in answer which begin with the first letter of your name… here goes…

Your Name – Genny
Four letter word – goon

Boy name – Graeme
Girl name – Geraldine
Occupation – goon… oh something different – Groundskeeper
Color – green
Beverage – Gin
Something found in a bathroom – Giardia…
A Place – Gisborne!
Reason for being late – Gorilla attack
Food – Gingerbread
Something you shout – God! oh god…

Here ends my quick and dirty little sneaky work post!


as you were caller.


3 Responses to “stolen meme”

  1. gengetscrafty Says:

    I can’t beleive how amazingly witty you are genny…

  2. gengetscrafty Says:

    Thanks genny, it’s quite easy – the wit just flows..

  3. gengetscrafty Says:

    your welcome genny… keep up the good work.

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