So the weekend has been most excellent, although I do have sunday-itis 9.30pm and still haven’t done the washing…
Had friends for dinner last night which of course consumed most of yesterday, cleaning, shopping and cooking. My daughter chose the menu – chicken satay and salad for entree, pork in red wine and coriander with potato mash, and finally for pudding; fresh peaches roasted slowly in desert wine and butter with chantilly cream. mmmm happy happy good food happy friends wine chocolates mmm yummm
which means this morning was a little slow to launch. Finished altering a blouse for my daughter, made an underskirt for myself. Then had sewers slump so took myself off to knit rangers for an uplifting coffee, knit and chat. all good!
Afterwards my daughter and I checked out “Australia” the movie. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought, a great sweeping epic with a bit of humour, a small tear to the eye, a few good costumes and a bit of drama.
None of which was on my to do list…. and everything on my to do list is well… still on the list…

Oh well another week to get these things done


more pancakes


So last weekend the cry went out for pancakes – again – and this time plate sized pancakes were requested, and due to a lack of chocolate chips… crepes was the final decision.  It is quite a process isn’t it?

Last year I scored this amazing machine at a garage sale for a couple of bucks

crepes-002So this baby just plugs straight in and heats up

crepes-006I made a basic crepe mixture, unsweetened.

Then you just dip the crepe pan into the mixture

crepes-007then let them cook

crepes-008peel off once cooked, keep on doing it until you have a stack

crepes-0091Then quickly grab a couple before you call the wolves…

crepes-010apparently serve with peanut butter, jam and maple syrup..

mmmm syrup….

I promise, there is no more I can say about pancakes!

Back to crafting…, tomorrow

stolen meme


Because I’m not cool enough yet to be included in meme’s….  I stole one of another blog!  cue copywrong wank…

The premise is you have to fill in answer which begin with the first letter of your name… here goes…

Your Name – Genny
Four letter word – goon

Boy name – Graeme
Girl name – Geraldine
Occupation – goon… oh something different – Groundskeeper
Color – green
Beverage – Gin
Something found in a bathroom – Giardia…
A Place – Gisborne!
Reason for being late – Gorilla attack
Food – Gingerbread
Something you shout – God! oh god…

Here ends my quick and dirty little sneaky work post!


as you were caller.



Back in December I had a wee adventure to Waiheke to attend the most beautiful 1 year olds birthday party, as usual I left my gifting to the last minute but knew that there had to be something hand made as part of the gift.  Luckily I have a fabric stash…..  and in it was an adorable retro print which was just the right amount to turn into a 1 year old dress.   The pattern was a simple one, simple enough to have come from my simple head!  I trimmed off enough fabric for the tie, then cut out armhole shapes, hemmed the bottom of the dress, turned over the top and threaded the tie through.

So anyway, today the lovely Kimberley


and the more lovely Yasamin paid me a wee visit wearing the dress which of course is the most satisfaction a crafter could have!

yazWe had a lovely lunch on the back deck, I do love the back deck in summer – the lounge just doesn’t have enough space for entertaining.

Here are two gorgeous first born girls enjoying the sunshine..

first bornA lovely way to spend Waitangi day, which means I have two more days of weekend!  Hopefully time for some crafting, after I clean the craft room – it’s that time again..