finished object


dscf0054well, an almost finished object.. this beauty just needs buttons now.  The pattern is very simple,  k1 *yo k2tog* rep til 1 stitch left  k1, repeat each row.  finished measurements are roughly 20cm wide and 80cm long, button holes and picot bind off at one end ready to go around my neck once and button up nicely under a smart winter coat.  Whilst a good blocking will open out the pattern, I don’t feel that the scarfs overall look will benefit from it, I like the ‘sproingyness’ of the unblocked stitch.

It’s Friday night and I’m feeling relaxed right now although I have to soon start a bit of housework… groan… I have a semi busy weekend and won’t get time to do it otherwise.

My house is a bomb site at the moment,  I went for a car trip last long weekend and came home with the boot full of crockery, china and cutlery…  it was the last lot of stuff from Dad’s house (he has moved in with my brother now) and what stuff it is!  I don’t know about market value, but sentimental value it has plenty of.   All the serving bowls and plates which were dragged out for special occasions, the boxed spoons and cocktail forks which were never used apart from a bored little girl who used to play with them when no one was looking!  They are mine, all mine…

Anyhow, there is so much stuff I realised I needed to get some kind of cabinet for them,  after browsing for a while on Trade me I decided to put my awesome networking skills to task, so I asked the one lady I share an office with if she had a china cabinet she didn’t want, and guess what – she did!!  (for a modest price – delivered as well!!)  Hopefully all going well it will come this weekend, the only thing is it will probably mean a whole rearrangement of the lounge – oh well and change is good as a rest.

Speaking of change, best I get the clothes in the washer or there will be no change of clothes for the morning.



One Response to “finished object”

  1. Robin Says:

    I used an Etsy vendor to purchase the japanese yarn.

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