A bit of everything this month


January has been up and down, not ocean liner on a tsunami up and down, but more like kid on a swing up and down, still up and down but just tedious, a little nauseating and no progress being made,  and thankfully not life threatening…  make sense? no?

There has been some crafting,

a bit of sewing;

skirtThis little number is a skirt whipped up in an afternoon for my daughter, it’s a simple McCalls pattern from 1.5m  of a nice crisp cotton bought for about $10 per metre I think.  I love the blue china like pattern and the slight 50’s asthetic which really does suit my girl, most importantly – she loves it!

There was some weaving;

scarfthis was the second scarf from the warp, I used merino et soie for the weft which wove like the wind!  It took only a day or two.  I love the diamond pattern and how soft this yarn makes the scarf.


Then there was some spinning;

smooshyThis is some lovely merino from Elaine (stitchntime) in crocus colourway.  As I was spinning this I decided to keep it as a single, so once spun I washed and lightly felted it and set the skein on my amazing machine

mecchiaThe mecchia machine!  It’s a mecchia skein winder which I used to put the skein under quite a bit of tension to help set the felting and twist.  I’m very happy with how this has turned out

skeinwatch this space for the cute little neck warmer it’s been made into – just need to find the buttons!

oh, and some more sewing;

This dress just about drove me crazy and blocked the creative tubes for a week or so.  It’s from a Burda magazine pattern which I’ve only had wonderful experiences from, but I couldn’t get my little head around these instructions so I improvised and luckily it worked out… phew… and again, most importantly my daughter loves it.  Oh here she is.. isn’t she lovely


You know it feels like I’ve done a lot of crafting this month and maybe I have but the queue just seems to be getting bigger, the fabric pile appears to grow by itself…

I just need more time


One Response to “A bit of everything this month”

  1. Laurel Says:

    I ADORE that scarf! I would love to weave, but it’s not in the cards for now. Beautiful colors. I’m also really impressed with your sewing, your daughter looks beautiful in that dress 🙂

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