Real time Xmas blogging


snort – I’m soo pretentious!

So I received a comment from my friend Amy requesting tutorial style posts for my cooking…. god she knows how to make a girl feel good!  Amy and I used to work together and she would often come into work on a Monday lamenting a batch of muffins not as good as they could have been or some such thing, of course me being the big know it all would give sage advice and Amy would utter words of amazement.  Little did she know I only knew how to fix failures because I had made so many over so many years!  I still do really…

But here is a Xmas recipe which is simply unable to fail, mainly because it is more assembling than cooking.  For me no Xmas is complete without Trifle.  A strange name for a strange pudding, but by golly, strangely tasty.

Over the years I’ve fluffed around with pretentious versions but nothing ever beats the basic kiwi trifle.  Most versions employ alcohol of some version either sherry or liquer, mine however generally stay sober (my xmas cake usually has enough raw alcohol to be a fire hazard which I find fair compensation)  There are official recipes but I follow loosely the way my mother made it, she was a teetotaller which is probably why I prefer the non-alcohol version.  My boxing day breakfast of choice for so many childhood years was leftover trifle, I still follow this tradition…

My trifle is primarily sponge soaked with fruit syrup, jelly and custard and layered with fruit in between.

These are your ingredients;

trifle-001ooh what’s that green bottle doing there!  It must be cooks fuel…

Start off by making a packet jelly up, and if inclined make some packet custard or just by the ready made stuff from the chiller section.

Then get your shop bought unfilled slightly stale sponge cake, slice and fill with jam, any berry or plum jam will be fine.  To be honest the jam stage is entirely optional and not something my mum did.


Slice the sponge cake into fingers and layer around the bottom of your serving dish.

Sprinkle with tinned fruit of your choice and the syrup from the can.


Pour the jelly over and then custard, repeat the layers until you have the quantity you want.


Change the fruit between layers if you like.  And, that’s it!  Refrigerate overnight and top with whipped cream before serving.  Garnish how you like.

trifle-007There you have it!  The trashiest loveliest trifle in the world!

I’d better go, I still have to glaze the ham, marinate the lamb, get the dressings and dips organised for tomorrow!

Merry Xmas everyone!


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