the night before the night before


Santa is so nearly here!!

The tree has been up for a couple of weeks

knit-rangers-011the pavlova is made

knit-rangers-014I’m having issues uploading the photo of the finished pav – but it is one large pav, cooked and ready for xmas day.

Tomorrow is my big prep day – I have to work in the morning and afterwards will need stop by the supermarket for fresh cherries, strawberries and green beans, then home to do the bulk of food prep.  I finally yesterday sorted out my to-do list of when I will be doing things.

On weaving news, I finished the scarf and in my haste I’ve wrapped it!  Again!!  There will be catch up photos after xmas for woven items.  But I have to say – I am sooooooo pleased with the scarf.  You know how sometimes you start doing something and think it is going to be absolutely spectacular and then it turns out crap?  Well the scarf went the complete opposite!  I thought the warping was going to be particularly bad, but it actually went so well and wove like a dream – finished one scarf in 2 nights, have left the warp on there to do another, but after xmas!

OK well that’s enough waffling on from me.  Happy Xmas you lovely people!


One Response to “the night before the night before”

  1. Catherynne Says:

    I can attest to the superbness that is the scarf – blurrie GORjus!

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