mise en place


My favourite bit of crafting lately has been the preparation. I’ve been getting in the cutting out groove

Lined up here are 2 shirts, 1 t-shirt, the xmas stocking, a tank top for me, what you don’t see is a jacket which I’ve since made whereas these babies are still waiting.

Here is the jacket

I bought this lovely fabric off trade me for about $40 instead of probably $200 which this kind of fabric would usually cost for 2m…
Here is a closer look at the fabric

Isn’t it just lovely??
I’ve finished it off tonight with hand stitching around the hems and neck edge. I tell ya, this jacket sure ate some metal, I blunted my scissors on cutting it out and broke about three needles on the machine! Oh well. It was worth it, I hope. I’ll be wearing it tommorow night, over the plummy satin tank top which I also finished and a pair of black pants, at my work Xmas dinner.

I’m looking forward to a night out! I’m going to try and get that happy balance of getting happily drunk but not so drunk I’ll be too hungover to craft on the weekend! Wish me luck!


One Response to “mise en place”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    nice work – like the fabric too!

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