tidy bug


I’m not much of a tidy bug at all although I’m a lot better than I used to be, however I know it is time to tidy when Mr T can no longer find a space on the bedside table to place my morning coffee, the last two weeks or so he had been balancing it precariously on my alarm clock… In a sign of my progressing maturity I decide to remedy this prior to a disaster happening. Therefore this past weekend was housework weekend! Without being too pious about it all, my prime motivation really was about getting the craft studio sorted, it had really become insanely cluttered primarily I guess during my two weeks of not being able to bend over, it was just so easy to drop everything on the ground… Without going into the tedious details my house is now sorted and my creative juices are now flowing again.

Here is a before photo – actually its before the before, it got worse than this…

bloggymore-0161OK, that’s not entirely fair, you can’t quite see the mess, the patterns all dropped on the floor by the sewing machine, the tons and tons of scraps of fabric dropped underneath the overlocker, the pins all through the shag pile, all the offcuts from the loom…  books scattered all over…

I just went downstairs now to take a photo and it is so hard to get a good photo of the space, it looks so messy with all the garage-y stuff in the background, so here is proof, real proof that tidying happened.

tidy books!

One more thing ticked off the list this week are the socks – thanks goodness…

socksCan you see why these took so long????

Next on my list is the second granddaughter’s Christmas stocking, I’ve just finished embroidering her name and next I need to cut the fabric and sew it all up.

kaylas stockingOh don’t worry, the toe isn’t as deformed as it looks, it’s just scrunched from being in storage all year..

Here is the start of my Abby’s stocking..


I love a little cross stitch, but to be honest I think I’d lose the love if I had to do a whole big project.

So I’m making progress on the “to-do” list, next up on the list is the blanket for my son

rugThis is my lovely floor loom, the warp was inherited and has been quite problematic, uneven tension and the heddles wore the mohair away and I’ve lost about 20 or so warps…  most of them have been on the edge, so my plan is to trim the selvages, zig zag and edge with blanket satin.  My son, luckily, won’t know any of this and has lovingly requested the finished blanket.   I’ve also been practicing randomness with the stripes, it is hard to be random, humans naturally want pattern, and certainly there is a repeat of ideas in this blanket.  I only have 4 colours left now though with about 24 inches left to do.  So my randomness will be less varied!  I am enjoying this loom and plan to do a little bit of work on it – it needs a good clean and polish.

Next on my list are a couple of woven scarves for Christmas presents and shirts, guess what only three weeks to go… oky doky… lets see!


One Response to “tidy bug”

  1. Catherynne Says:

    Ye gods. So when are you coming over to my place, then? The floorspace is getting filled up with, um, stuff…

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