I can’t wait until I can bend and stand like I used to, the craft queue hasn’t reduced at all this past week, sure I’ve had help with chores and cooking, however no one can help my craft chores!  And yes, some parts of crafting are chores, for instance, tracing the patterns from magazines, like Burda, onto newpsrint and then cutting out the pieces, winding a warp is a fair chore – all chores but enjoyable chores which lead to the bliss of crafting.  Perhaps I should have been prepared and had lots of knitting on the go, apart from the one pair of socks I’m trudging through right now, admittedly if they were for ordinary sized feet they would be finished, unfortunately they are for my sons size 14 feet … my lovely son and his rather large feet are getting a pair of handspun, handknitted socks in his xmas parcel.  I am lucky – he does appreciate handknits, in fact when he saw the yarn I made he did request the socks. But I digress, at the moment, I don’t have anything on my mental craft queue for knitting.

I’m hoping to sew this weekend and when I do I will start on this fabric

summer skirtThis gorgeous piece was found on TradeMe advertised as a cotton, I was expecting shirting, but instead I got a lovely heavy linen weight cotton, I’m hoping to turn this fabric into this skirt


I was so pleased to find a plus sized skirt pattern in this issue of Burda that wasn’t a straight style.  For some reason it is easier to find trousers in both ready made and in patterns than it is skirts, I’m going to make this first in a lightweight striped cotton which I bought for $4 per metre to minimise the effect of potential failure…

Wish me luck!


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