Anyhow I started to do a bit of sewing on the weekend but it kind of turned to custard.  A blouse made out of heavy weight chiffon, my confidence level is a bit up with my recent successes so I was going to modify the blouse with a silk collar and cuffs etc…  The first lot of seams didn’t quite match, no worries – I could just sew the collar over to cover the botch, the first lot of overlocking and seaming wasn’t perfect, so of course it needed some more, then the facing needed sewing, then the facing wasn’t heavy enough to stay down, so it needed to lots of edge stitching…. so I ended up with a big botchy collar.  By this stage I’d wasted about 1 hour of sewing, had a very familiar feeling of frustration where I usually push on through and keep adding botch job to botch job and push through to make a very homemade clown costume.

I chose to do something unusual for me, I unpicked, I sat still for an hour and unpicked the collar, re aligned the front seams and pinned bias binding over the neck edge ready for sewing when I am more zen.  Which I hope will be soon.

Personal growth through crafting.


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