Lazy days


Enforced lazy days to be precise.  On Thursday I had a minor operation for a hernia which called for a day stay in the most wonderful little private hospital (thanks MrT for having medical insurance!) The staff aren’t rushed or harried, the level of care is just brilliant and I get to have a wonderful deep sleep.  It’s only my second ever operation and I have to say something quite strange – I love going under… it’s just like drifting off into a beautiful sleep… I love sleep…  All I can hope for is when it is my time it will be just like that!

That’s a bit maudlin isn’t it?

Moving on…

It’s exam time for my son which means he’s at home watching tv when he should be studying.  It’s up to him but he is aware he will be at school until he finishes 7th form, it’s just his choice as to whether he will be 17 or 27 when that happens.  Unfortunately I suspect he likes the idea of being at home until he’s 27.

However this week there have been signs of independence, I showed him how to make pizza dough which we kept in the fridge for him to turn into pizza the next day for lunch.  And on the day of the operation he managed to pull together bangers and mash with late notice, quite good mash too!

Now I know being an accomplished cook I should have had my children making hollandaise at aged 7 and such, but to be honest being a working mum there is very limited time to spend on cooking let alone teaching.   Anyhow these kids of mine have a broad palate, know what they like, know good food from bad and that is the first step to being a good cook or baker.  Actually my daughter is an excellent baker, she makes the best chocolate chip cookies, and apparently is quite a reasonable cook now – she is living overseas this year on an exchange and has been cooking once a week to help her families out.

I think I have parental angst about this, don’t you?

Anyhow enough naval gazing, here is the living proof I think my kids will be able to feed themselves and their families, friends and flatmates when required.

boys own pizza

The bun is a mini calzone, or as he called it “a pizza bun” filled with leftover meatballs from dinner,  actually he was trying to emulate Korean Pancakes but decided to try them in the oven instead of on a hob plate and ended up with his pizza buns.  I promised him we will try to do the Korean pancakes one day,  I was impressed though he made the mental leap from bread dough to the pancakes we enjoy at a stall in town.  They are made with a yeasted dough filled with either savoury or sweet and then cooked on a hotplate with loads of oil to make so crispy. mmmm yummy. maybe we’ll see them here another time, but for now, another proud mother moment – just look at that perfectly cooked pizza…proud pizza bun

What do you think?  There’s hope for my kids?


One Response to “Lazy days”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    good luck with the re-coup: prime time for finishing up some WIPs I say!! Korean Pancakes ? haven’t tried those – only ever had Korean BBQ.

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