Bag time


Bags are brilliant, so useful, so pretty and you can never have enough.

It’s been on my list for a while to make a cloth bag for taking my lunch to work in.  While bags aren’t hard to work out without a pattern, it’s just a lot more inspiring to have patterns to browse and well it saves on the maths… and as I’ve said before I do love a Japanese craft book

inspirational bag book

This is the bag I made and I did make it to the instructions but it must be modelled by a child coz mine aint that big!  But I still love it

my bagI used a lightweight cotton upholstery fabric for the outer, light cotton lining, the handles are from offcuts from an old lifejacket factory (!).

liningI was really happy with myself, I perservered with all the little details including putting magnetic closures on both the front and back and the sides so it can close like this

all done up!aint she cute!  I feel very cutesy wootesy carrying my lunch in this everyday!

I thought about lining it with some stiffening but realised that this baby needs to be washable because my lunches can leak!


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