no crafting = cranky


I’ve not been crafting as much as I’d like this past week and boy-o has it made me cranky!

Something that can help with the de-cranking is reading a good cookbook.  I have a medium small collection of cookbooks, but I really believe that I have the ultimate collection for my needs!  So much that recently I went to Borders with a 50% discount and didn’t really need any cookbook there even at half price…  unbelievable! It might have just been the fact my teenage son was pestering me and not giving me enough space to browse.

Anyhow, cookbooks, they really are my favourite kind of book.  I follow recipes for baking but totally freeform any other kind of cooking, I may use a book for inspiration to kick start the thinking process but that’s about it.  It’s not that I’m a food genius, but more that the kind of food I cook for meals is a cross between function and fast!  How to get dinner on the table for 4 hungry adult appetites (if not adult in age) with as few pots as possible in the least amount of time, oh, and to satisfy 4 diverse palates…  Tonight for instance – Pork Laksa with noodles, before you get all impressed, the Laksa was from a can – a very authentic made in Thailand can – where you bring it to the boil add meat,veg and noodles – yay dinner in less than half an hour and very tasty.  I do have a cookbook with a very good Laksa recipe which I will use when I am just cooking for pleasure not for volume of food!

Here are my cookbooks in their place of residence – the kitchen bench – nice and handy for quick inspiration and reliable recipes.

organised chaos

organised chaos

but wait there's more...


2 Responses to “no crafting = cranky”

  1. Jasmine Says:

    Hello Hello – loving blog v4.0!! Look forward to seeing all the kitchen madness especially. Fabulous sight of all the cookbooks in every nook and cranny. I have a similar relationship!! x

  2. gengetscrafty Says:

    yay my first comment! Thanks Jaz! plenty of kitchen madness coming up I predict…

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