One of the biggest keys to my prolific crafting love is my studio.   We have a double garage which, luckily for me, is just too tight a squeeze for cars to be useful as a car garage!  Initially we used it as a rumpus room for the kids but as my crafting needs grew, well kids be damned!  So now it houses a floor loom, a table loom, two dining tables end to end for cutting, dying and all kinds of things, the sewing machine and overlocker, oh and a knitting machine.  It is truly a haven and I just enjoy every minute spent there.  It makes crafting easy, no set up or put away necessary, I can jump from one loom to the other, or pick up a bit of sewing just as what pleases me.  I do have a spinning wheel there, but I tend to spin upstairs in front of the tele, esepcially now as I’m the proud owner of a Majacraft suzy pro which takes up very little space and is a very beautiful piece of furniture.

My other tool which enhances my crafting is my trusty ipod!  I love my ipod!  I plug it into the stereo downstairs to listen to music at full volume – much to the annoyance of the family, quite funny moments when the teenage son comes down asking me to turn the racket down.. te he!!

On days like today I can wander downstairs throw the shuttle through the loom a few times while dinner is cooking, and complete 10cm of rug!


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