Voices in my head


It happens every time I start a blog, I get the “blog narrator” thing happening in my head.  I’m going about my business, realise I’m doing something which might be bloggable, my narrator voice pops up in my head and off I go into a fantasy blog post then a fantasy scenario where my blog is world famous, I have a book deal and everybody wants photo’s of me with a knitted sock…. or something…  This appears to be a similar process to when I’m cooking sometimes and drift off into a fantasy scenario about being a TV cook…  God I’m a dick.

Anyhow, yesterday I used this to my advantage.  It was Sunday, and Sunday is baking day.  It is also “don’t plan dinner until the last minute day” the winning option was chickpea curry and roti.  Chickpea curry because I had tinned chickpeas and my house of carnivores need bribery to eat vegetarian, so I sweetened the deal by making roti. (if anyone ever reads this blog and doesn’t understand what roti is – it’s Indian flat bread)

Now I’ve been making roti for about 20 years, my roti making skill was much admired in the early years, they even put me in good stead for seducing Mr T.  But for some reason the last few batches, well several batches, I’ve been getting experimental with how I make them and they’ve been not quite up to scratch.  So I decided on the weekend to get back to my roti roots and make them they way I know best, to stop worrying about what other cookbooks say.  And because I had the narrator voice in my head telling me how to make my roti, it worked out very succesfully.  I have my roti mojo back. That is a good thing.

my way of making roti

3 cups white flour

1 cup wholemeal flour – stoneground is great

sprinkle of salt

50 gm clarified butter

boiling water

mix all together (adding water slowly) until dough is consistency of rough playdough – leave to cool down a bit so you can handle it without scalding your hands ( don’t ask me how I know this)  Anyhow, then add about a spoon of margarine (yes really – it’s my recipe and we can use margarine) and squish the dough in the bowl with your knuckles over and over until the texture is smoothish. take out of bowl and knead for a while.  Break into blobs, roll out and cook.  See easy… okay, it’s the sort of thing you really do need someone to show you. there is so much more to it – like the temperature of the pan, the texture of the dough etc etc.  But here are some photos for you clever people who can learn a skill that took me years and years to master in just a matter of a few words and photos…..


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