Baking with the letter B


So the rest of Sunday’s baking was brought to us by the letter B – Banana cake and Biscotti.

ready to eat!

I used the good old Edmonds Banana cake recipe and Nigella’s Breakfast Biscotti from Feast but with the addition of cocoa powder.  I didn’t get photos of the biscotti in progress, it was slightly frustrating because I always seem to have issues with slicing biscotti for the second baking – several tend to crumble around the edges, I think I need to cook them a tad longer and let them cool a bit more before the slicing.

Good old Edmonds banana cake!

The banana cake recipe was doubled and I usually make it in an 20cm round tin, but I decided to do the two loaves – just find it easier to have a loaf slice in the lunch box than a wedge.

ready for oven!

It must have also enhanced the taste because these cakes have suffered the same fate as the biscotti…  Here I am up to tuesday and the tins are empty, with only two eggs left.  Thinking it’s muffins tomorrow or anzac biscuits, we’ll see!


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