Shirts are wonderful things to sew, they can be easy but difficult.  Easy in the sense the cutting is simple, generally they are easier to fit and size but difficult due to the details.  The detail which is most average home sewers nemesis is the collar.  And I’m so pleased to say that this week I’ve had two good collar experiences.  I finished a shirt for myself in a crisp cotton spandex blend which cost me a whole $2 per metre in a pale grey green, I gave this shirt a stand up nehru style collar.  The second shirt I finished was a check seersucker casual shirt for MrT with a full collar and stand.

Collar detail

Collar detail

There ya have it!

I do love the shirt and am so happy with how it turned out.  The colour is a mauve check which I bravely decided would look lovely on the MrT and it does!  Must admit was a little nervous when sewing it and the colour looked very little girly but once completed into a manly shirt and worn, it ended up looking quite different.  The pattern is from There are two basic shirt patterns and each has about 7 or eight variations.  The patterns are in Japanese however if you have experience in sewing with patterns you can work out what needs doing – no different to using the Burda magazines, mind you I do have a slight addiction to Japanese sewing books… I have a total of about 10… and each one of them just has that styley edge over any other patterns I’ve used

As for the pattern I used a size L and it fits both my son – a 6’2″ size L and my partner a 5’8″ size m-l.  So I would say the sizes are correct to what we are used to.

I haven’t got any photos yet of my shirt because I’m wearing it at the moment – but will put my trusty Singer model to use and get some photos soon – I’d like to remember it while it is still nice and crisp!



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