But hopefully not too busy to blog


This, I think, is about the fourth blog I’ve started.  One made it to three months duration but the others didn’t make it to 3 days! Why another go?  Because I think I’ve finally found my voice and I’m not worried whether anyone is listening, this blog is for me.

My love and reason for blogging is craft – specifically knitting, spinning, weaving, sewing and baking.  These are my things, they are me, I am them.   They make the air I breathe a little finer, a little easier to breathe. So I want to keep a record of my progress in the crafting.

A brief background of my craft history

Knitting; learned to knit when I was very young – my first knitting memory is when I was 5.  I started knitting baby garments in the primary years and moved onto garments for me in my secondary school years.  I knitted off and on until my children were toddlers – so until about 14 years ago then stopped.  I picked the needles up again in 2002 inspired by a vest worn by Lorelai Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls!  Whilst I never actually recreated that particular vest it did introduce me to the online knitting world and resources, I discovered a free pattern on Knitty for the boogie vest which I knitted up in a blood red cleackheaton yarn and I was off!  I joined knitting groups, online forums and began to read, talk and breathe knitting. Eventually I realised that even though I had been knitting forever and a day – well 30 or so years – I had so much to learn, so much, and was nowhere near the experienced knitter I thought I was.  I needed that realisation so much because now I can be open minded to the learning process for all craft.

Spinning;  I’ve learnt to spin in April 2008 -6 months ago!  And I’ve not looked back, I love it, love creating yarn, love the feel of the fibre in by hands, love the rythm of the wheel.

Weaving; Its been one whole month since the loom(s) entered my life.  I’m the proud owner of a 4 shaft table loom and a 4 shaft floor loom.  Luckily I have a double garage which is now my studio. ..  To date I ‘ve woven a sampler strip, 2 cotton placemats/tea towells and am working on a mohair rug.

Sewing;  It’s too hard to remember when I first sewed something, but I remember always creating dolls clothes and then making my first garments for myself in intermediate school.  I sewed prolifically throughout my teens and 20’s.  Even did a bit of dressmaking to help ends meet when the kids were little and loved sewing things for my daughter when she was a tot.  For some reason though I lost my mojo with sewing.   Mind you I was never very happy with my results, didn’t like that “homemade” look, things never fitted too well.  Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get an overlocker and so I tentatively made a couple of small things for a friends child (my surrogate grandaughter)  and loved the finish I got.  I also discovered something…. I had inadvertantly been learning patience and good finishing techniques from knitting garments! I’m enjoying this sewing thing again, so much in fact, I’m planning on including homemade items in Christmas gifts this year.

Baking;  I love baking! Cakes, biscuits, bread, christmas treats… everything!   My first memory of baking was a sponge birthday cake for my 7th birthday – I waited for my mum to go into town so I could just get on with it so I must have known how to bake prior to that, just can’t remember.  Oh how did it turn out – too rubbery due to not understanding that each marking on the butter pack was not for 1 ounce but 2…..  the guests were polite about it though.

Goodness me, I feel quite exhausted getting all that out!  Its either that or the hard day I gave myself slogging over the sewing machine and loom!  Today I finished off a shirt for myself, did a bit on the mohair rug and cut out a shirt for MrT which I intend to give to him as a birthday gift… oh and of course cooked dinner, did the washing… but lets not sully this crafty blog with tales of domestic doom!   Lets just see what crafty goodness tomorrow holds…

toodle pip.


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